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Jai [dʒeɪ], n. future doctor. a dreamer. artiste. good sport. a touch of randomness. spontaneity. several leaps of faith. a Cinderella story waiting to be told.
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Hungreh hippos need nourishment, too—after hours of denial, of course. After all, this has been quite the lazy day. :D And another “of course” is because this girl sibling is usually the one who needs to cave in times of culinary necessities. Okay, foine. For the good of this household’s tummies. Heehee :p Sundried tomato and tuna with havarti shavings <3 #100HappyDays #Day49 (at Home

Completed the set today. *sigh* this is what a big of free time does to my sanity. #summer (at Home

Actual first time eating this. FINE. So what if this wasn’t part of my childhood. WHAT. What. Whaaaaat? #scramble (at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast)

Eventful night! :) Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry after post-terminal 2 duties and green tea ice cream (my best swirl yet! :D) PLUS our newly-discovered study place! <3 YAY! :) #100HappyDays #Day46 #CurryBee #FamilyMart #GreenTea #curry #icecream *studying studying YEAH* (at Curry Bee)

I guess I haven’t been found quite yet. #love #StationsOfTheCross #TheWalkway (at Walkway by Church Simplified)

Slowing things down with a bit of a kick to wake up the yuppies. Hahaha @erismanoc @juliennenido #lolavibes (at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf)

Cos you just know that when things go crappy, you can look back to moments like this. #barxlove #girlybonding (at Solemare Park Suites)

Did the BFF thing with actual BFFs ;) #barxlove #BetterTogether #McDonalds

While waiting for ze silver chariot :)) #chill #Serenitea

Bags packed in half an hour. Off to my late weekend with the ladies! :) #100HappyDays #Day44