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Jai [dʒeɪ], n. future doctor. a dreamer. artiste. good sport. a touch of randomness. spontaneity. several leaps of faith. a Cinderella story waiting to be told.
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#FlashbackFriday to the inspiration to my first-ever glasses (and most of what I’ve worn since then😉). Yes, the 90s. Yes, it’s Lisa Loeb.😂 (at D-007 ☆)

As Lady Macbeth said, what’s done cannot be undone. (at D-007 ☆)

#tbt to the olden times with the granddad. Nose-crinkling happy is happy, I just had to snap a picture of this picture.😃 I don’t remember a lot of stuff about any of my grandparents anymore, but this sure looks fun.😄 I miss you, Papa, Lolo, Mama and Lola!♡ My parents, titos and titas have collected insane (read: cringe-worthy😂) stories of how I was back then, and, umm.. Never mind.😉 Haha #ThrowbackThursday #studybreak (at D-007 ☆)

Not bad at all.😊

Selfie-sh Thursdays.

🎶 All I wanna do is find a way back into love 🎤🎶 #longday #Medicine

Made my night.😂 #alamna (Thanks for finding this, @gencamato!😉) (at D-007 ☆)

Patience.😌 (at D-007 ☆)

Rainy days and Mondays. (at D-007 ☆)

All day, everyday. #antiinsensitive oops.✌

By @czarlodv “A lot of people need this Hahaha! 👌” via @PhotoRepost_app (at D-007 ☆)