the crickets are getting louder...

Jai [dʒeɪ], n. future doctor. a dreamer. artiste. good sport. a touch of randomness. spontaneity. several leaps of faith. a Cinderella story waiting to be told.
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Oh, you know… Just hanging out.😉

Just a day, just an ordinary day. So where exactly did my weekend go?😂 (at Starbucks Reserve, Tomas Morato)

Heya @jemesont guess who I saw today? 😉 (at Manila Med)

Everything’s so blurry.😳

Same ****, different day. Makes me feel like my coffee’s making fun of me already. (at Starbucks Reserve, Tomas Morato)

Post-powwow day snack. (at D-007 ☆)

May the odds ever be in our favour. #FIGHT (at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines)

If you’re happy and you know it, flap them wingsss 😉 #latergram (at Wingstop, University Mall, Taft)

Our beautiful mess.😉 (at Starbucks)