the crickets are getting louder...

Jai [dʒeɪ], n. future doctor. a dreamer. artiste. good sport. a touch of randomness. spontaneity. several leaps of faith. a Cinderella story waiting to be told.
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Last Friday meant playtime with our patient (which also meant I was able to practice my Tita skills heehee! 😉).👌 #Pediatrics (at Asilo de San Vicente de Paul)

I wish this could be my study place forever.😍

Perfect gloomy-weather view for crunchtime. But thank you for sponsoring my background music, Sara Bareilles.😏 (at Starbucks Tagaytay)

#BestOfTheDay — Verona, chocolate and salted caramel, and today’s Mighty Mouse: Midol.😉 #ReadyForBattle (at Starbucks Tagaytay)

Now you see it, now you don’t. (at Olivarez, Tagaytay)

Guess who didn’t know classes today have been suspended since last night?😐

I will never forget. #FlashbackFriday #fbf

One year later and this still rings true. Oh, Dr.Pineda, you DO teach us about life.👍😃

Working lunch with Dr.Paguio.

For one of the few times I actually get to eat breakfast. #longday