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Jai [dʒeɪ], n. future doctor. a dreamer. artiste. good sport. a touch of randomness. spontaneity. several leaps of faith. a Cinderella story waiting to be told.
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Monday blues. #storyofmylife

Missing an “I” and suddenly felt so Deutsch.😉

It’s been too long, my friend. Waaay too long. #latergram (at En Route Distillery)

According to ate Mimi’s borrowed words of wisdom: LUNDAGIN MO, BAYBEH.☆

By @instagramfitness “What we are:
Never allow your doubts, fears, or the negative energy around you to inhibit you from reaching your fullest potential in any aspect of your life, with any goals you are trying to attain. Take a leap of faith, and block out the negativity. Focus on where you are and what you have to do to get to where you want to be, any negative energy is just a waste of your time! Positivity, preparation, plan of action are key!” via @PhotoRepost_app (at Home ❤)

The only two things I can comfortably fit into my bag with l♡ve. Zipper won’t close, though.. *heehee* Either way, thank you for the pretty book bag (I have already declared it that😉), my dears!😘 (at D-007 ☆)

Aww ♡♡♡ Thanks, loves!😘 @stephytlee @tiffylee07

For your safe trip back, and a constant reminder to always ALWAYS keep me posted with your life things. Huhu don’t leave 😭 I miss you already!😳

Suhol vibes. Thank you, sir!👍

YAYYYYY!😂 #antistress #antiBV

Au naturel with mah girls for a once in a lifetime ladies night in ♡ Hello @leesantisteban @rondimagmaliw @d1mp7e come on over, come on over baby!😘 #lasthurrah #FamilyTime #studybreak 😄